I must admit I had a hard time finding the right title for this post. As a fella who’s never had children I’d rather not personify my creative endeavors in a way that would diminish other people’s relationships with their little ones. However, it is the best analogy I’ve come up with. When an idea comes and finds its way into the realm of possibility to see it to fruition by the collective works of many I can't help but see it as the babe wrapped…  in a bassinet helpless and dependent on the care of a family to raise it to the responsible contributor to society it should grow to be. 

I know. I’m using a lot of flowery words to say, "an idea for a movie or play or book or painting."

For the past two years I've been trying to tell the story of a man who has changed my life and shown me a reality that I can't help but fall deeper in love with everyday. That reality is that love really can change the world. 

The man was Ken Rideout and the story is found in the countless hours of footage for a documentary of his life and return to Thailand. 

After our recent campaign to raise funds to hire an editor to put all the pieces together and tell his story without the assumptions of yours truly we decided to hire Dax and Jenni Jones-Bedell. 

This week I made the trek back to my hometown to take this baby, this creative project and hand it off to them with the hopes that they would care for and nurture it to maturity it needs to be and release it into the social and cinematic world for consumption and consideration. 

As I approached their home to deliver the hard drive I was struck with the reality that I was letting go of the story for a time. I would be trusting their abilities and expertise with the most valuable work I'd ever put my hands to. 

After a brief meeting I was out to ease and knew, somewhere deep inside my soul, the decision to bring them onto the team was the right one to make. 

 In my meeting with Dax and Jenni I was told by their actions and questions that they would care for my dear teacher's story in a beautiful way.  

In my meeting with Dax and Jenni I was told by their actions and questions that they would care for my dear teacher's story in a beautiful way.  

Dax and Jenni both looked at me and asked the questions I had hoped they'd ask, pushed against my preconceived notions of what needed to be said in the edit and showed me that they are not only capable of taking this task but excited to bring this story to life in their craft. 

This experience of trusting another made me also think about the businesses we are working with as a production company in Nashville. 

Pancake's House has begun working with a few clients to share their stories and we understand that companies are often birthed in a similar fashion of creativity. Like our little documentary, these companies are protective of their properties and want the best for the growth and maturity of their work. To have these business owners and operators trust us with the narrative of their marketing is an amazing honor that we hold very closely with deep respect.  

Our creative collective celebrates the diverse talent in Nashville and seeks to tell the stories that promote the great work these clients are doing as well as inform the city of the wonderful offerings these businesses have to offer.

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